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Yoga, Meditation and Inspiration For Overcoming Anxiety With Clive Fogelman

In his late 20’s, Clive Fogelman lost both his parents within six months. He was then diagnosed with bowel cancer a few years later.

Clive credits both yoga and meditation as significant tools for dealing with his anxiety through this challenging time and says that by using these things as a ‘toolkit’, everyone can benefit.

Whether it’s focusing on your breathing while waiting for the kettle to boil, or paying more attention to your surroundings when walking to work, everybody can put a little more mindfulness into their day.

We spoke about:

  • The importance of ‘inviting yourself’ to connect with your body and how you feel.
  • Breathing techniques to deal with anxiety and stress instantly.
  • Bringing yourself back to the present.
  • How becoming more self-aware can help you deal with everyday emotions.
  • Taking all experiences (good and bad) and seeing them as something to observe – without judgment or feeling like they’re going against you.
  • The power of the mind and belief.
  • How to use a mindfulness pause.
  • Letting the journey present itself, and dealing with whatever is part of it without fear dictating how you feel.

Clive has been a yoga and meditation teacher for nearly a decade. You can find out more about what Clive does at

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Alison Edgar
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The Surprising Connection Between Sales and Overcoming Anxiety With Alison Edgar

Alison Edgar, aka The Entrepreneur’s Godmother, started her own venture when she was 46. Since then, she’s been voted one of the UK’s top business advisors, with invitations to both Downing Street and Buckingham Palace.

It turns out that sales (selling) is a surprising handy skill to have when it comes to overcoming anxiety.

We spoke about:
– The importance of asking for help.
– Making a change, even when it scares you.
– How to avoid regret.
– Why ‘real men’ do cry.
– Dealing with anxiety, stress and pressure at work, and as an entrepreneur.
– The pressures of money and debt.
– Staying motivated through challenges.

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Law of Attraction for Anxiety
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Does the Law of Attraction Help With Anxiety?

Some of us swear by it. Some of us think it’s rubbish. Most of us have heard of the law of attraction and have a good idea of how it works. Does the law of attraction help with anxiety, and can it work for you?

If you haven’t heard of the law of attraction, the basic principle of it is: You can attract the things you want in life if you think and believe in them.

These things can be money, a partner, a Ferrari, better health – anything you like.

So, if you want better health, for example, all you have to do is think about better health and you’ll attract it in your life.

If you want more money, think about money coming to you.

If you want a partner, think about that partner coming into your life.

… and so on.

Sounds good, right?

It is, but there is a crucial caveat to actually getting these things that the law of attraction misses. It’s the reason most of us wish for things only to be disappointed when they don’t come to fruition.

How many times have you achieved something just by thinking about it?

It’s true. You have to think about and believe in something for it to become real and part of your life. This is the bit where the law of attraction is spot on.

But the law of attraction falls short on the taking action bit.

Let’s take a look at a simple equation based on getting better health the law of attraction way.

Think about better health = Manifest better health in your life

The crucial bit that the law of attraction misses out is in the middle.

Think about better health = TAKE ACTION = Manifest better health in your life

Taking action is what will get you better health. In the example of better health, the action part is exercising.

I know it’s not necessarily what we want to hear, but we have to go do something for something to happen.

The same goes for overcoming anxiety.

Action is the difference between being stuck in the mental mire of anxiety and getting yourself back on track.

The common sense approach to overcoming anxiety

We have tons of thoughts a day (about 60,000). They’re not all real.

The only thing that makes your thoughts real is when you take action on them.

Hoping and praying law of attraction

You decide which thoughts to act on.

You can act on the thought that tells you that you’ll never overcome anxiety, or you can act on the thought that tells you to go do something constructive, like a hobby.

It’s your choice.

The basic principle of the law of attraction is spot on.

What you think of you get more of.

This is the common sense approach that works.

And it is common sense. There is no secret to the law of attraction.

You get more of what it is you think of.

If you think and believe positive things, like overcoming anxiety, you’ll attract positive things in your life.

If you think and believe negative things, like being stuck with high anxiety for the rest of your life, that is more likely to come true.

Henry Ford says it best.

Henry ford anxiety

It’s a lovely concept to think we can get what we want, including overcoming anxiety, just by thinking, wishing, praying, hoping and believing. It’s why the law of attraction is so popular.

But common sense will tell us if we sit in a chair all day thinking, wishing, praying, hoping and believing without adding action, we’re not going to get very far.

If you want to overcome anxiety, you have to take action.

What action will you take to overcome anxiety?

Anxiety will make you feel stuck. It will make you feel like you’re powerless to its manipulative ways.

There is only one way to get out of this mental mire.

Take action.

Action is the cure-all.

Action brings you the wealth you want.

Action bags you the partner.

Action buys the car, house, or whatever it is you want.

Most important of all, action overcomes anxiety.

This leaves one question to answer.

What action are you going to take to overcome anxiety?

Here are a few suggestions.

Don’t just think about it – go do it.

Don’t wish and hope – go make it happen.

Don’t leave any situation without taking an action.

Get in the habit of taking action.

Taking the first step of action might be the anxiety-buster you’ve been waiting for. It could be the one thing that makes all the difference.

Significant change always starts with just one small step. One small action.

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